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The process of choosing the perfect tires goes much deeper than the type of vehicle you drive and the measurements of your wheels. Every driver has a unique life style, commute, and application for their vehicle. The tires you select need to account for everything including: Weather conditions Seasonal changes Daily commute Your job commitments Desired driving experience Terminology When you are buying tires you need to understand the common terminology and how it relates to your needs. Here are the major terms to familiarize yourself with: Tread                               Tread is perhaps the most important factor that differentiates tires. The tread...

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The Staff To put it simply, we are a group of people that give quality customer support. From sales to parts to service; Toyota runs through our veins. We are able to follow you through the complete process of choosing the right Tacoma, Tundra or 4Runner and its accessories. Ryan, Jordan and Caroline lead our sales team utilizing their many years of experience in the industry. They guide our sales team to help each individual customer customize their vehicle to their specific needs. Our parts department, led by Samantha and Ken, are the experts on finding and advising on any...

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