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FN Wheels - Konig Six Shooter

The Konig Six Shooter keeps with our tradition of offering the best wheels manufactured to the highest possible standards using only top quality materials (high-grade virgin aluminum alloy). Engineered for strength, lightness of weight, and aggressive yet understated style, the Six Shooter may just be the secret weapon you need for your next on or off-road duel.

Wheel Specifications

  • Finish: Matte Black/Matte Bronze/Graphite Gunmetallic
  • Size: 17x8
  • Bolt Pattern: 6x139.7
  • Bore: 106.2 mm
  • Backspacing: 4.5"
  • Offset: 0mm 

TRD Center Cap

Konig Countersteeer Type X wheels have been designed to fit the TRD Center Cap. Please select the link below to visit the product page, where you can add TRD Center Caps for $20/Wheel

Lug Nuts

The Toyota factory lug nuts are not compatible with these wheels. The proper tuner style lug nuts are available in the drop down menu or click here to visit the product page.

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TPMS Sensors

Most new vehicles come equipped with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System. This system was designed to monitor the air pressure inside your tires. This is done through sensors that communicate with your vehicles warning system to alert you when the pressure is low.

Please note: These sensors will require reprogramming when switching between summer/winter wheels. It is not mandatory to install sensors onto your wheels but failure to do so will result in your vehicles TPMS warning light to remain activated until the issue has been resolved.

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